bait selection 

Dead Bait
Bagged Bait  (Assorted) Chicken Necks Chum Bag Pops (10lb Bag) Crab (Bag)
Mullet (Pound) Sea Lice (Pound) Shad (Pound) Shrimp (Pound)
Squid (Box) Table Shrimp (Pound) White Squid (Pound)

Live Bait
Bait Crabs Crab (Pound) Croaker (Dozen) Mullet (Dozen)
Mud Minnows (Dozen) Shrimp (Pint or Quart)    

Offshore Bait
Ballyhoo (6 Pieces) Bonita (5 Pounds) Cigar Minnows (5 Pounds) Jackfish (Pound)
Nothern Mackeral (5 Pounds) Ribbonfish (2 Pack or Bag) Sardines (50 Pounds) Spanish Sardines (Per Pound or 5 Pounds)
Stingray - Cow Nosed (Per Pound) Stingray (Bag)  

*Pricing and availability subject to change. Not all bait is offered year round. Call to verify we have the bait that you want.